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Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue

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Working title: Fragmented Revenge [Sep. 29th, 2004|05:17 am]
Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue


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Well, I wrote something tonight, I'm sober now, since my last post of a few hours ago. Well, as sober as I can be after drinking two pots of coffee, a gallon of water, and a whole lot of bread. So coming back to the subject. I wrote something tonight. FIction. I've had an idea similar to this for a few days now, but never had a chance to put it to paper. I might expand on this sometime, make it say a small novella or at least a large short story. It came to about five pages when I printed it out from notepad. I'm going to work on it. but since I did write it between 3:20 am and 5:00 am tonight. I'll cross-post between tygerofdanyte ,oncewefadedblue 4am_slash(it has some slash in it =0), and fiction_writers whoo what a cross post.

I've named it fragmented revenge for now. But the name doesn't flow for me. So give me a title for this. Critiques are generally welcomed.

Working Title - Fragmented Revenge
Rating - heavy R
Genre - transgressive/Drama/erotic
Author: Arun K Raman (nickname - Tygerofdanyte)
Warning/comments: It is slightly erotic and it teases you with glimpses. There is some male/male and some female/female. Somewhat graphic talk of rape, and drug use and other things. It's my style of writing as of late. Damn you Palahniuk and Thompson.

He swishes to the music, legs adrift and all over the place. An awkward smile crosses her lips as she watches the boy on the dance floor dancing nervously like that boy out of weird science all lanky and lean and somewhat cute, arms-a-flailing, and head-banging to the wrong kind of music. It’s just a Franz Ferdinand song and here he is clearing a flat out circle around him as people move out of his way grumbling about idiots and their like not being allowed in clubs.

She doesn't mind though. It's just another night, and it'll only take a tablet in a drink meant for him, and then it works like magic.


Officer Brown had just been given the position of Detective in the sex crimes and sexual offenders unit for Royce City. Barely, two years into the force and he had already made a name for himself. The rape victim cases at the UTD campus had practically been landed in his lap when he stumbled somewhat drunk through the bushes and noticed the frat boys working on two tied up drugged-up high school girls. He had taken them into custody, and his notoriety shot straight up into the stratosphere after that. Cases after case were fed to him with a golden spoon.

But, tonight was plain clothes night, and here he was dancing like an ingénue on the dance floor. He had noticed the looks and heard the muttering of the regular college crowd and few high schoolers on the dance floor as they grumbled about his idiocy. He didn't care; after all it was just an act. He had seen her checking him out in her skin-hugging tight leather micro and navy blue bikini top. She definitely had the look of someone on the prowl. He knew that his pubescent looks would come in handy to crack this case tonight.


It was first the seventeen year old college freshman who had been found. He seemed insane when the bike cop ran him by, but on closer inspection, the dilated eyes, and non-stop sweating, and bruised skin on his palms, lit something up in the bike cop's brain. A few hours of interrogation had him confess to being coerced into killing a girl, but no body was found and drug indulgence and his status as a minor had him acquitted.

A few months later, a legal senior in high school was found naked in a seedy alley of Deep Ellum, this time frothing at his mouth, but same symptoms as the other one. Again another murder after inquiry and the same description given about the person who coerced him. He was charged with public indecency, but let go because of connections with higher ups in the Dallas political machine.

Six more incidents of the same type, and finally Brown was assigned the case. All of them pointed to women or a woman in her mid twenties, beautiful, and seductive. From post mortem reports of the two who committed suicide in custody, and blood samples of the others, a mixture of Peyote, THC, and ecstasy was found in their system with what looked like a little wheatgrass thrown in the mix. And it all pointed towards action from the area of Commerce. For the most part, Commerce, in an almost methodical and crude fashion seemed to be the focal point from which all such incidents deviated. It might be the college atmosphere or maybe it was just someone from the town. To say the least, he was intrigued for the first time.


She watched him, and some of her black hair near the nape of her neck stood up as though in a state of electric passion. Licking her lips, she bought a Bloody Mary with an extra helping of the Worcestershire for herself and a long island ice for the boy. She stirred the drink, and motioned to one of the club attendants. All of whom were cute but disinterested and maybe queer, who knew.


His hands moved to the beat of the song as his movements became more fluid with the fading end of the song. And he noticed her with the drink and the sideways glance that she threw at him. An inner smile, told him that this would be it tonight. He seductively sashayed his hips to the beat of the song and latched himself on to a girl on the floor, grinding to the beat of the new song.


The boy felt nothing but anger and frustration, here he was maybe about to score for the first time with the girl and he was being blocked. The jackass in the middle of the floor who had been flailing his arms and dancing like an idiot had just latched on to the girl, and she started ignoring him and responded to him. Grumbling, he nudged his stiff prick that was making quite an impression on his leather pants and decided that it was time he headed to the bathroom to relieve himself.


Smiling sweetly at the new guy, she was thankful for being relieved of the guy who had been hitting on her. The new guy was cute in that 'young nubile boy who knew his way around the block' way. She brushed her hand around him, and slowly felt him up, and was happy. Increasing the tension on his groin, she gyrated a little bit too excessively, at the same time reaching up to lock lips with him.


She smiled knowing that he had latched on to the girl. She knew then, that this would work out perfectly. She didn't even need to persuade him to go after anyone. Taking the last sip out of her drink, she left a sizable tip on the bar, and started towards the dance floor. Her composure was of a woman who knew her sex and was all too cocky about it.


His lips were on hers and her hands were inside his pants now, and he paid some attention to her with his hands as well, but he eyed the woman on the dance floor a few inches away from him, enticing him and the rest of the dancers towards her. He watched as though in rapture, as two guys moved to both sides of her and a girl to her left and she led them all through the motions, paying attention to all of them. Grinding her ass into one man's hips, and her hands over the other's chest while kissing the girl. IT all worked beautifully. She glowed more and more as each moment passed and more attention was paid to her. She made them all happy, and they weren't jealous of the attention paid to anyone else.

Their eyes met, and with a tease of a wink, or maybe it was just a flutter of her long plucked eyelashes, she turned away from him.

Officer Brown was drawn in as well, but he knew he had a job to do. Feeling a tug at his pants, he looked as the girl had hooked her manicured fingers into his belt loops and was trying to drag him over to one of the dimly lit booths. Shrugging, he moved with her.


The woman grinned, and paying a last bit of attention to the three around her, she swiftly but very casually moved on over to the booth where the girl and him had moved to. Standing by the edge of the booth, she watched as the two of them played with each other. First, it was her lips on his now exposed chest, working kisses and tongue licks all over it, a few tugs at his nipple rings to all-too-obvious gasps of pleasure from him. Then it was his hands massaging her ass through her skirt, all the while nibbling at her neck and the top arch of her breasts. It was banter of sexual chess moves back and forth, trying to work out a stalemate between the two of them. She knew though that there wasn't going to be any stalemate, if she had her way.

Sliding into the booth, she began her tiny ministrations. Hands on the small of the girl's back, rubbing circles back and forth waiting for that slight arch or gasp of pleasure. Leaning forward, she whispered into their ears, all the while tending to both of them.


The girl panted in excitement at the feel of the woman's touch. All the while feeling his cock poke through his slacks into her pussy. Breaking contact from his lips, she craned her neck towards the woman, kissing her ear while nuzzling her nose into her sweet jasmine scented hair.


Grunting at the thought of both the girl and the woman in close proximity to him, he ran his hands down both their backs. Still, he smiled inward knowing that this was to be it.


The boy was in the bathroom now; when he heard someone whisper from the nearby stall to take it, just take it. He looked on over, and he saw the dick stretch through the hole in the stall hole. Still, annoyed that he hadn't made out yet, he bent down and pushed the cock out of the hole, and pushed his through, grunting to take his first. A dribble of saliva ran from the stranger's tongue to his dick, as he felt a mouth on it. Groaning, he forgot all about the frustration of his failure he had originally felt.


The woman motioned towards the drinks on the table while casually playing with a lock of the girl's hair, and just watched as they both drank. She knew then, that she had the bastard.


Officer Brown's first sexual predator case on the UTD campus that had brought him fame and success also had dark secrets to it. It was all hushed up about how the boys were beaten up thoroughly, and even though they kept on telling everyone of their innocence, nobody listened. The girls were unconscious and didn't know anything. It was the word of an officer against to college students.

It didn't matter to Brown, that he could be caught in the crime, because he had it all worked out. It was all about pulling a Serpico to an extent and working it out, while hiding his true personality from just about everyone.

When, the forensic samples of vaginal tear and semen samples from the girls vanished briefly a day before the tests were actually done, it was assigned to bureaucratic failure, and even when the semen samples from the boys' matched the semen traces in the rape victims, and still the boys denied all of their crimes, nobody thought it strange. Word of a law enforcement officer against two college trouble-makers.

Brown had gotten away with it.


The girl smiled slowly to herself and noticed that he was nodding off. It was a small price to demean herself like this after what she suspected had happened to her that night. She had changed her hair colour and had cut it short lost about twenty pounds and he hadn't recognized her.

She mouthed a quick thanks to woman with a tongue-locked kiss, and slowly dragged the man out into an alley way.


Federal penitentiary inmate Frederick Brown was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment with bail in case of good behaviour. He protested to what had happened, and kept on telling everyone that he didn't rape the girl. He was working under-cover that night.

Witnesses from the club all believed the girl and supported her statement about how the man had literally come onto her after being a nuisance in the middle of the club. Her tattered clothes and his semen in her sealed the deal.


Psychologists stated that it was a case of sympathy for the devil that had caused Brown to do this. He had arrested the two boys that had originally worked this girl over, and in a show of somewhat male supremacist pride he had somehow sympathized with the boys even though he had thoroughly done his job. So, in pretense of work he had worked the girl over as well, and hoped to get away with it because he was an officer of the law.

Lawmakers publicly shook their heads in collective disgust, while silently reminding themselves to be careful with their own ego-driven actions. They agreed with the psychologists and counselors, and said only one thing in response.

No matter what a person's position or power maybe, the law is still the law. That was their sentiment. They said it while ignoring it themselves.


The only person who laughed it all was the woman. She had taken on a job and gotten pleasure out of it. She was the only one who understood truly appreciated it all. She had done a job, and worked a good deed into her conscious. And she still hadn't been caught for all her crimes. Flicking the powder into another Long Island Iced tea, she viewed the dance floor in satisfaction searching out a new prey. There.


So tell me what's what. and critique heavily and spit in my face if you have to if you don't like what's written. I'm a growing writer I need all sorts of stuff to push me in the right direction. Mind you, I'll accept your critique and suggestions, but I might not employ them.


Love and joy

Arun K Raman
(5:13 AM)