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Umm - Faded Blues, the Refuge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue

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Umm [Dec. 9th, 2004|10:28 pm]
Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue
He knocked three times on Heaven's door and then waited for her, watching his breath in the gray mid-December air. He heard footsteps resonate down the rackety stairs that he wished he knew so much better and waited for the door to open, but nobody answered.

And so he tried knocking thrice yet again; no response. She was singing in the kitchen: 'Ain't no mountain high enough...' Her voice seemed warm on the compulsory 'ooh~!'

He knocked three times more, not expecting a resopnse. He left 9 flowers on the welcome mat, walked carefully down the icy stairs, and ran back into his car. He looked at the door for a while. Then he turned the key.

The yellow doorbell was still unrung and the door was still blue wheni it opened. A boot ventured out, crushed the flowers, and thus Heaven started her day.