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Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue

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Introductory post [Jan. 9th, 2006|04:18 pm]
Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue
[Current Mood |happybirthday boy]
[Current Music |Trampline, Michael Penn]

Chunklet #1: Who are you?

Name: (what is your primary identity?) Seth Leggett; my first name is really Andy—and some people still call me that—but I wanted a way to honor my grandfather,  who I don’t remember, as we share the same middle name, but I didn’t want to be associated with that annoying Joseph character at my school. Plus, Seth is a cool name.
Nickname(s): (any schizophrenia in your life?) Seth is a nickname, I guess, as is Andy.
Age: (ain't nothin' but a #) I’ll be 18 in a couple of days.
Birthday: (on this day, Person X was born, X = YOU) January 10, 1988—I am just barely a child of the ‘80s.
Sex: (Gender, Male, Female, or otherwise) Transexual
Occupation: (what do you do?) Student, poet, fiction writer, senior editor of my school literary magazine
Location: (geographic location preferred, we know you're on the net, in your chair, in front of your computer. you can be clever in other ways if you will, though) Sacramento, California, right across the Americna River from the University of California
Language(s): (what language(s) do you speak / write) Fluent in English, obviously; am mostly fluent in Italian, partially fluent in French, with an interest in Hungarian; and I live in California, so it’s pretty much a given that I know some Spanish.
Primary artistic focus(foci): (what do you create?) Poetry, fiction, pastel drawings, with musical and critical aspirations
Blab a bit: (we all yap) There hasn’t been a post since March of last year—has this place been abandoned?
Contact Info: (only what you'd like to give out) sethleggett18@yahoo.com; my livejournal, doctor_leggett, 916-484-6707; 2348 American River Drive, #103, 95825, To: Doctor Seth Leggett. Make sure you include a self-addressed stamp envelope.

Chunklet #2: These are (more than) a few of my favorite things...

Favorite Language: Italian; French at varying times; am becoming very interested in Hungarian.
Favorite Facial Expression: serious concentration
Favorite Snack: carrots
Favorite Era: 20th century
Favorite Place: Probably here, because I love it so much (Sacramento, California in general); though I wouldn’t mind Seattle—it has enough rain to appease me and Cherie Priest! (soon)
Favorite Time of Day: Noon; distance from darkness comforts me
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday, because it’s the funnest
Favorite Month of the Year: June, because that’s when school ends and I seem to have the most fun
Favorite Season: Winter; see below
Favorite Weather: Rain, for spirtual/poetic reasons too vague to give voice to wittily
Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Going out and walking in it
Favorite Game: I make my own fun.
Favorite Color: Purple! squee
Favorite Scenery: Roadside trees, ‘cause there’s so many here; though foothills full of cows, or cliffs looking out to sea aren’t shabby either.
Favorite Smell: Citrus
Favorite Non-music Sound: mellow deep-voicedness
Favorite Texture: soft fabrics
Favorite Way of Touching Another Person: hugging
Favorite Magazine: the one I’m putting together (“The Leaf”)
Favorite Animal: cows
Favorite Plant: trees
Favorite Food: fruit of any kind; fruity yogurt or fruit-flavored candy or drinks
Favorite Drink: juice (probably of a citrus or V8 variety)
Favorite Book: don’t make me choose
Favorite Author: see above
Favorite Male Name: Seth
Favorite Female Name: Amy
Favorite Movie: I’m searching for my cinematic soul-mate as we speak
Favorite Actor/Actress: I wanna lick Steve Carell’s nose
Favorite Music Genre: Neo-classic pop/rock
Favorite Music Group: the Largoites: Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, Fiona Apple
Favorite Album: Lost in Space, Aimee Mann
Favorite Song of All Time: Pavlov’s Bell, Aimee Mann
Favorite Part of the Human Body: the head
Favorite Time to End This Survey: now

Chunklet #3: In 4 sentences, complete this story.

Once upon a time, there was a mouse who lived in the cupboard of a castle overlooking the ocean. The castle’s inhabitants were very mean to the mouse, so he prayed to his primeval god, who punctually sent a tidal wave to crush the castle and kill all the big meanie inhabitants, sparing only the mouse.

And in the end, it was all alright after all.