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Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue

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'Cause I'm Better Than You Are, Nananananana! [Apr. 26th, 2006|02:16 am]
Once Upon a Time, We Faded Blue
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Here's the poem I submitted to SN&R's poetry contest:

Eve Critiquing

For Eve Imagine, from your number one fan

Across this gray expanse of table she’s critiquing,
Holding her back rim-rod straight,
The taut cords of her neck seeming about to break,
Her jutting collarbone tenderly embraced in transparency,
Fragile veins pulsing beneath such thin coverage.

The fluorescent light reflects off her black curls,
The curve of her nose trained upon the printed lines,
As her large hand holds her pen poised over the eight by eleven
To occasionally strike the page with calm, coiled energy,
The motion of her flowing words seeming to imbue
Her gaunt and gawky form with a gazelle-like grace.

Her flicking eyes halt as she flips the page,
The surface of her face freezing momentarily,
Like a bird bracing its wings to glide
Until the next breeze of the falling page
Lifts her again into flight.